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The Massachusetts Loss of Chance Doctrine

An error in diagnosing cancer can literally mean the difference between life and death for a Massachusetts resident. Massachusetts medical negligence can lead to a decreased chance of survival.

A Massachusetts delayed diagnosis of cancer mistake can lead to:

  • The enlargement of localized forms of cancer which can spread to nearby lymph nodes and organs
  • Unnecessary treatments and surgeries
  • Anxiety and additional pain for the patient
  • Increased health expenditures
  • Wrongful death

In 2008, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the highest court in Massachusetts, adopted the “loss of chance” doctrine for Massachusetts medical malpractice cases.

This doctrine allows Massachusetts cancer victims and their families to recover damages for Massachusetts delayed diagnoses of cancer errors due to a Massachusetts medical professional’s negligence that decreased or eliminated a victim’s chance of survival. By establishing this Massachusetts precedent, the Supreme Judicial Court recognized that when a cancer diagnosis is delayed, the patient may lose his or her chance to survive, be cured or obtain a more favorable outcome.

It can be difficult to calculate your Massachusetts “loss of chance” damages on your own. It is unwise to try to personally figure out these complicated figures, and risk losing most of the money to which you are entitled. Retaining the advice and counsel of a skilled Massachusetts medical malpractice cancer lawyer with years of experience dealing with Massachusetts delayed diagnosis of cancer cases is the smartest choice you can make to protect your rights. The Boston, Massachusetts medical malpractice attorneys and Boston accidental death personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates will help you prove your case and calculate all of your damages, so that you receive the maximum compensation possible for your Massachusetts injuries. Call our Massachusetts personal injury cancer lawyers or Massachusetts wrongful death cancer lawyers today at 617-787-3700 or email us at to set up a free initial consultation. Let our Boston personal injury lawyers put our experience and knowledge to work for you to obtain the justice you deserve.

It is imperative that you or your loved one promptly communicate with one of our Boston, MA cancer misdiagnosis lawyers as soon as you suspect medical negligence, and without trying to settle your own Massachusetts personal injury claim or contacting any of the adverse parties or potential witnesses. When potential clients have gone against our advice in the past and tried to settle their own claims without the skill and guidance of one of our Boston, MA cancer mistake injury lawyers, they have almost always requested our last-minute emergency assistance prior to any settlement and frequently there are already serious problems with the case because our Boston lawyers are becoming involved too late.

The major reason for this is that a Massachusetts insurance company does not take the client nearly as seriously who does not have competent medical malpractice counsel. Insurance companies are well aware that our Boston, MA cancer mistake and cancer late diagnosis injury attorneys know the law and understand how much your or your loved one’s medical malpractice case is worth. In the event that you do not obtain the assistance of our experienced Boston, MA medical malpractice cancer attorneys, the insurance company does not face the threat of a malpractice lawsuit, and will seek to settle your medical malpractice claim for much less than it is worth.

For example, you may think that a $150,000.00 offer from a Massachusetts insurance company to settle your Massachusetts personal injury claim is fair, but the actual value of your case may exceed $1,500,000.00. Typically, prospective clients who end up settling their own claims receive only a fraction of what our expert Boston medical malpractice lawyers would be able to recover for them.

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