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Causes of Massachusetts Medical Malpractice

The United States health care system and health care in Massachusetts is full of problems. Massachusetts medical care costs are high, Massachusetts health care facilities are understaffed and under supplied, and medical providers are struggling to provide the best care to their patients with limited resources and time. With a shortage of Massachusetts primary care physicians and long waiting lists for specialists, Massachusetts patients may only receive a few minutes of their doctor’s time before their provider must move on to another patient. These Massachusetts health care system shortcomings have collectively led to an alarming rise in Massachusetts delayed diagnosis of cancer cases.

In addition to issues in the Massachusetts health care system, Massachusetts doctor’s themselves are often responsible for a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer. A Massachusetts medical professional’s negligence, whether from ignorance, incompetence, or arrogance, is a serious cause for concern, and may be legally compensable if this negligence results in a decreased chance of survival for the patient. Common causes for the delayed diagnosis of cancer involve medical care providers who:

  • Fail to refer a patient to the right specialist in a timely manner
  • Perform a procedure incorrectly
  • Disregard or minimize a patient’s complaints, even if cancer is not revealed in initial tests
  • Mistake a tumor as benign or as an infection or cyst
  • Treat the symptoms of cancer, such as bleeding, without addressing the root cause
  • Fail to recognize visible lumps or other obvious symptoms
  • Improperly label or handle a specimen
  • Misread or misinterpret tests
  • Accept negative test results as a clear bill of health and fail to follow up in determining the cause of the symptoms
  • Incorrectly use tests, such as relying on a mammogram when a biopsy is needed, to accurately determine whether cancer is present
  • Fail to routinely check high-risk patients using the appropriate tests

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